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I am an Uilleann Piper living in Shoreham-by-Sea, near Brighton, UK. I am available as a solo performer, for weddings where the pipes lend an evocative special mood to the ceremony or alongside my partner, Sue Johnston, fiddle for weddings, schools and care homes. I also perform with Una Mc.Cartan in our band ‘Tripping Upstairs’.
I have been playing the Uilleann Pipes for 25 years and perform regularly in Brighton, Shoreham, Sussex and London. I have performed with Irish band Legacy, and recorded with Charlie Boston on a Cajun/Bluegrass album. I also play mandolin, guitar and whistles.

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About Uilleann Pipes

The Uilleann (Irish for ‘elbow’) Pipes are the most elaborate and complex bagpipe in the world. They are distinguished from many other forms of bagpipes by their tone and wide range of notes – the chanter has a range of two full octaves and there are 3 drones each pitched an octave apart. In addition regulators are keys on the mainstock that can be opened by the piper's wrist action enabling the piper to play simple chords, giving a rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment as needed.

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